The Media Blitz is DC’s newest freestyle board and the go-to choice of pro rider Torstein Horgmo. Unlike a lot of freestyle boards out there, the Media Blitz is stiff, poppy, and stable. It has a traditional camber profile that provides the snap needed for huge ollies, and it lets you rip powerful turns on the way back to the lift.
There are a couple things that really contribute to the stable feel you get on the Media Blitz; the Impact Core is made from a combination of ash and poplar, and the Tips Up tech combines a shorter tip and tail to produce a longer running length. The board also has a natural wood top sheet that’s designed to give you the same snappy feel you get in a new skate deck.
The first thing I noticed when I rode the Media Blitz was how stiff it felt. It’s rated a 9 out of 10 on DC’s flex scale. I will say that the stiffness and camber were not my favorite for rails, but it did really help on the jumps. The board felt great for setting up before a jump, and in turn that made it a lot easier to initiate spins. The Sintered Supreme base also stayed nice and fast in the slushy spring snow.
If you spend a lot of time in the half pipe and on the jumps, and you aren’t to concerned about sliding rails, the DC Media Blitz could be just the board for you.

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