For the 2014/15 season, Spring Break and Capita have teamed up to create the ultimate powder stick. Available in three innovative, surf-inspired shapes, the Spring Break boards are a fresh reminder of just how fun snow surfing can be.
The Spring Break starts with a Surf Rocker profile shape that combines a rockered nose and tail for float, with flat camber underfoot to maintain a buttery feel. The thicker Surflite core is made of blocked balsa for maximum buoyancy in deep snow, with beech wood down the sides for added strength. To top it off, Capita gave the Spring Break full ABS sidewalls and their highest-end Sintered Speed Base.
I rode this board during the midst of a classic Utah spring time cold front. Deep, cold powder snow with more falling every second.
I really liked how fun this board was to butter around the cat track as I made my way to awesome powder stashes. The board had a really unique flex pattern, it was very soft but not wishy washy. It was also very predictable. I was also pleasantly surprised by how maneuverable the board was. At first glance you’d think this was strictly a powder stick, but it rode just as good in deep powder as it did on groomers.
Later in the day I found a sweet cliff to jump off with a nice deep landing, I loved the feeling of effortlessly holding a wheelie out of the landing on this short tailed board.
If you live for the deep days and are looking for a board that can deliver the perfect, surfy feel, the Capita Spring Break has your name written all over it.

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