Completely upgraded for the 2014/15 season, the Capita Birds Of A Feather is the ultimate all-terrain freestyle board for women.
The Birds Of A Feather features the Hybrid FK profile- that puts camber between the feet with flat sections just outside the bindings, with just a touch of rocker in the nose and tail. The result is all the pop and response you get with a cambered board combined with the easy turning of a zero camber shape.
The day I rode The Birds we had sunny skies and a foot of fresh Utah pow. The medium-soft flex is rated a 4 on Capita’s flex scale. That kept the board soft and playful, which was perfect when we were riding around in the park. I didn’t have to struggle to get the nose up on a 5-0, but there was still plenty of pop for ollies.
Don’t start thinking this board is just for riding park though. It’s laid up with a sustainably harvested wood core and two carbon fiber beams for added snap and stability, making it versatile enough to ride the entire mountain. The bit of rocker in the nose and tail provided plenty of float and that fun surfy feel I love in the powder. And the camber underfoot gave solid response and edge hold for the crud and groomers.
If you have a passion for the park, but need a board that can still hold it’s own on a powder day, I’d check out the Capita Birds Of A Feather.

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