Cold Stoke, Ep. 2: Snow Kiting in Crested Butte


Jason Slezak, Reo Stevens, Fletcher Chouinard and Brandon Clifford head to the Colorado mountains for a snow kiting mission in Crested Butte.

There are plenty of people searching for the endless summer. But eventually summer turns to winter, and keeping the stoke going means learning how to handle the cold. For us, the warmer seasons are only half the story — when you learn how to handle the cold, you find there are whole worlds opening to you where the blank spaces of winter beckon and you can leave the crowds behind. Cold Stoke, a new series from Patagonia Surf, explores how we design and test the innovative equipment that lets surfers and kiters chase their passions in some of the planet’s coldest and least comfortable conditions. From Alaska to Antarctica, it’s a short tour through some of the fun and adventure we’ve found at the farthest edges of the map.

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