For ripping turns and floating pow, Nitro designers pulled out all the stops and created the Slash.
The Slash features Nitro’s Gullwing profile; a hybrid that places camber under each foot for response and stability with a rockered section between the feet for easy floatation in the soft stuff. It also has a directional shape that tapers from nose to tail for better float, a super fast sintered base, and an all-terrain flex pattern that gets the job done from the park to the steeps.
The day I tested the Slash we had sunny skies and some fresh snow that had fallen the day before. The board’s big spoon nose floated over the fresh stuff and I was impressed with how the Gullwing camber kept the ride stable and responsive on the hardpack.
Later in the day we found some fun cliffs and the tapered shape and flex felt perfect on the landings, I never felt I was going over the nose. Bottom line, this thing floats with minimal effort and turns like a charm.
If you’re looking for a directional all-mountain board that will really help you make the most of the powder days, I’d check out the Nitro Slash.

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