Mammut Peak Project: Speed-flying on Etna


White steam, foul-smelling smoke and spluttering lava: this was the setting for the Mammut Peak Project highlight tour on Mount Etna on Sicily (IT). In perfect weather, the fearless speed-flyers Jody Barratin and Felice Boccanegra climbed the 3323 meter, still active, volcano and enjoyed a breathtaking view over the Mediterranean. The Italians then unpacked their paragliders and got ready for a thrilling descent. As well as skis attached to their feet, speed-flyers also carry a paraglider to allow them to make their way back down the mountain using a combination of skiing and flying. The descent was successful and all team members arrived safely back at the foot of the volcano. They captured some amazing photos and a fascinating video along the way. More about the Peak Project:

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